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How to Manage Online Reputation Crises

Online reputation crisis happens when any kind of negative information related to your company starts spreading. A single negative review is not a reputation crisis. But if that customer’s negative experience with your company is being actively discussed on several social media channels, turns into memes, and gets shared among friends – that is a reputation […]

Growing an Online Business from Scratch: From Personal Struggle to Multiple Income Streams

This week you’re going to meet an entrepreneur who recently left her 6-figure job in biotech to become a full-time podcaster and online business owner. Gill Tietz started the Sober Powered podcast in mid-2020. Since then, she’s released over 100 episodes on the science of alcohol addiction and other content to help listeners get and […]

Spotlight: BaseKit Caters Its Online Services to Microbusinesses

There are lots of online services available for businesses. But they aren’t always accessible to the smallest companies. Luckily, BaseKit provides options made specifically for microbusinesses. Read about the company below in this week’s Small Business Spotlight. What the Business Does Offers online services for microbusinesses. CEO Simon Best told Small Business Trends, “We have […]