10 Upcycled Jewelry Projects to Make and Sell

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Do you have a passion for sparkly baubles and want to turn your jewelry hobby into a small business? Or maybe you’re always on the lookout for new ways to save money while expanding your jewelry collection. Perhaps you have a love for crafts and want to find new ways to upcycle materials you already own. Either way, plenty of upcycled jewelry projects are available to make and sell.

What is Upcycled Jewelry?

New jewelry can be expensive, and it doesn’t help that styles are always changing. That’s why upcycled jewelry continues to gain popularity around the world. Reusing old and broken jewelry that might otherwise take up space in a drawer makes the pieces more sustainable than crafting new gems and metals.

Plus, upcycling old jewelry breathes new life into old jewelry that might still hold sentimental value. Of course, upcycled and recycled designs also are a favorite choice among jewelry connoiseurs because they save money and provide one-of-a-kind pieces unlike anything worn before.

Upcycled jewelry can be purchased from craftspeople and professional jewelry makers, but it can also be a DIY project at home. With the right materials, tools and skill, any jewelry lover can transform their old designs into sparkling works of art. With enough practice, a jewelry fan even can learn how to start a small business on Etsy or how to sell on Amazon Handmade.

Looking for ways to repurpose old jewelry? Check out the following 1o upcycled jewelry projects to make and sell:

What Can You Make with Old Jewelry?

Want to to craft unique creations to add to your collection, give as a one-of-a-kind gift or even sell through a small business? The possibilities of upcycled and repurposed jewelry are practically endless.

You can upcycle jewelry to new versions of the original piece, or you can transform your creations from old or broken baubles to beautiful repurposed products. For example, a bracelet can be redesigned as a trendier version of itself, or the gems from a variety of broaches can take on the form of a decorative photo frame.

Old and broken accessories can have a new lease on life when transformed into custom jewelry, and there is a growing market for sustainable upcycled jewelry designs. Just learn where to sell handmade items locally or how to sell jewelry on Etsy or other online marketplaces. It’s simple!

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Upcycled Jewelry Ideas

Looking to create the perfect custom gift, save money on new jewelry designs or even launch a small business and sell repurposed jewelry? While your creations are only limited by your imagination, you’ll need a few upcycled jewelry ideas to get started:

1. Repurpose Vintage Jewelry

image: Livemaster
You might have a jewelry box or a drawer filled with old vintage costume jewelry. They are still pretty to look at, but half of them might be broken and most of it is out of style. You can combine pieces of this vintage jewelry to decorate a picture frame or even a plain jewelry box, making a one-of-a-kind design that’s perfect to gift or sell.
You can use old vintage jewelry to upcycle other decorative items even if you don’t have your own collection. Flea markets, estate sales and even yard sales often offer plenty of old costume jewelry from which to choose.

2. Upcycle Gold Jewelry

image: Instagram – Ethereal Jewelry